Travel a is passion that can not be stopped!
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Travel Planning

You want to see a new country but know nothing about? You don't want or you don't have the time to search for the do's and don'ts of that place? Then Calm Voyage is your best friend as we will do that for you.

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Mission & Values

We want to make the travel a pleasure for all our clients and friends. We will use own experience and we will get you to the best places in your travel location, for a unique and special experience like no other.

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For all budgets

We are ready to make plans for any budget as we have made plans for people with 200 USD per day and for people with 3.000 USD per day. The experience can be adjusted for both your interests and your budget.


Travel must be pleasure!

I am Jojo.

I am a former banker that enjoys the time building my own business in a domain that I love. I enjoy the contact with people more then with numbers and thought of this business after making the plans for a romantic gateway with my husband.

I have friend all over the world and use their own experiences to get my clients and my friends in places that are not so crowded and off the grid while in the same time gather the tips on how to see crowded places when there are few or no people. This is how we managed to be the 1st in the morning to see Mona Lisa and she was kind enough to take a selfie with us, even before coffee (see our Facebook for proof).

Personal touch.

My passion has become my business and will remain a boutique type of business as I want to offer each client a personal and unique experience that is impossible otherwise. I need to understand my client expectations before I can make him the perfect travel plan.

I will get you to the places you dream of, from unique, family restaurants with pasta or sushi you will dream for the rest of the year, to places like the house of Leonard da Vinci or the San Gimignano village with its UNESCO World Heritage historical center and its Sergio, master gelato maker and double winner of the Ice-Cream WC (yes there is a Ice-Cream WC).

“Travel Must Be Pleasure. It's Simple. Just Try It.”
Jojo, Calm Voyage Manager
See the old

Do you want to see a necropolis or a 500-year-old unique church? Tell us your interest and we will get you even if you do not know such a place.

See the new

An underwater hotel room or a glass slide outside a 350 meters building, we need to know you want to have fun and we will get you there.

Live the local traditions

Forget your laptop and your social media accounts. Walk barefooted in the freshly cut grass while you go fishing for your dinner. Now smile. You are free.

Romantic Travel

If you want to travel as couple with no stress, enjoying sunsets or romantic dinners, theater or opera shows, Jojo has the best plans.

Innovative Locations

From a tree house in the middle of Costa Rica to a modern igloo in Switzerland, we can get you in places that few know about. Because off-grid is better.

Green Adventures

We support the ecotourism and consider the best way to preserve Earth for future generations. We will aid you get the best green adventures possible.

Understand the Culture

In order to understand other people, you need to get to them, stop being a tourist and be a local. Calm Voyage will tell you the yes and the no of each culture.

Get the plan, Be Smart

Jojo will make the plan and you will get the tips and tricks that will allow you to make a selfie alone with Mona Lisa or the best stinky tofu in Singapore.