The perfect discreet gateway for a couple. Capri Island, Italy

With about 2000 years before there was a French Riviera there was Capri. Drop it all and visit a dream island in Europe. There are less expensive places to see, easier to get to but the exceptional views, the magnificent location and the air full of "dolce far niente" is a must, especially for couples in search of exclusive, quiet places. Small group of friends have also nice activities.

Map of the Capri Island
Season: Early April - late October
Popular Location: Anacapri, Giardini di Aufusto, Monte Solaro
  1. Day 1 Arrival and first exploration

    Good morning, today you fly to the island of Capri, to enjoy a hidden yet very bourgeois place. After flying from Munchen to Napoli, you will take a taxi and go to the port where you will get at 9.30 the catamaran that will get you to your beautiful hotel on Capri. My recommendation for the first meal is getting lunch at the hotel's restaurant, which is very appreciated by the tourists.

    After lunch and check-in the first place you need to see are the Giardini di Augusto + Via Krupp they are just 700 meters away from your hotel and I bet that the walk will be wonderful maintained. Via Tragara (left if you are with your back at the hotel) –> in the first crossroad left to Via Marino Occhio –> Via Campo di Tieste –> left to Via Ignazio Certo –> right to Via Certosa – Via Matteotti and there it is.

    Carthusia | Profumi di Capri - where you can try the Capri special fragrances. You can see it just before you arrive at the Giardini on Via Matteotti (if you want you can visit it before).

    Go after that in the Piazzeta and stay for a cup of coffee so you can feel by yourself the “dolce far niente” Italian expression (Pullali Wine Bar or Al Picolo Bar). You will take dinner at Terrazza Brunella (on the same street with your hotel) at - an intimate restaurant recommended by Michelin Guide

  2. Day 2 Shop and explore

    Good morning on the beautiful island of Capri, after waking-up at about 9, go get the perfect breakfast at the hotel then ask a the reception if the Grotta Azzura is open (sometimes, when the sea is rough the Grotta is closed without warning). If it is open, you will go to see it because it is a unique place to see. There are almost 8 kilometers from your hotel so I suggest you to take a taxi (ask the hotel for a good company and save the number so you can have it for return) and then you will take a boat to enter in the Grotta. Most taxis are private but prices are similar.

    After the beautiful intercorso at the Grotta, you need to see the other face of Capri (check the weather for fog as Capri is very XXXX) and using a taxi you go from the Marina to the Piazza Victoria where you get yourself and your partner on the charlift to the sky, or Monte Solaro the highest place on the island – I promise it worth the trip for the best view around and you have there a bar with refreshments. Although it is very, very non-capriatic style. Smile, make lots of pictures and prepare to take the chairlift down.

    When you are back in Piazza Vittoria you should go to Villa San Michelle for a piece of history - it is just 400 meters away from the Piazza and the view is exceptional.

    After the nice history lesson and the exceptional view go back in Piazza Vittoria where you can check the shops with souvenirs or not (how you will prefer) and then take a taxi to Lo Zodiaco where you will take lunch, at a special restaurant that I personally recommend. After you will take a boat for a private tour of the island, which will take you about 2 hours - time to relax and see all the sides of Capri. The company meeting point is just 140 meters away from the restaurant.

    Visiting, walking and history must open your appetite for shopping and for ice-cream and you can take a taxi from the Marina to the Piazza and Buonocore Gelateria where you can enjoy a hand-made icecream just before you start your “shop till you drop” time. After the shopping (you must buy a Salvatore Ferragamo item), go to the hotel and drop the shopping and then for a beautiful romantic dinner at one of the best restaurants on Capri, Le Camerelle. Enjoy!

  3. Day 3 Last day in paradise, you can shed a tear

    Last day in paradise, ah?! I really understand you. I shed a tear too when I left Capri. If you are an early bird, there are places to see a sensational sunrise that you will remember forever.

    Because it takes about 90 minutes to get to the airport from Capri there is not much time to do much today. After you get a good breakfast (I personally recommend any fruit or yogurt from the menu) prepare to leave, and I will make all the arrangements with the hotel to help you with luggage to the transport.

  4. Travel Plan Summary Details about the trip
    • Activities Sightseeing, Gourmet, Boating, Hiking, Sunbathing
    • Vacation Couples, Small Groups, Family
    • Planed Activity Level Medium
    • Bugdet Size Medium to High
All about Calm Voyage travel planning

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We will teach you how to be the 1st in the morning to see Mona Lisa and get a selfie alone with her, even before coffee (see our Facebook for proof) and we will also show you how to see the real life of the places you want to go.

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  • Real Calm Voyage Clients
The planning package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
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Jojo will make the plans based on the answers given to her by you and she will provide the following details.

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The do's and the don'ts by Calm Voyage

Don’t order any fish or seafood before checking if they are frozen. You probably think that if you are on an island all of those must be fresh but don’t be that sure. Check the menu because it is always writen somewhere.

Don’t wear heels, even they are not high. You have to talk a bit and a pair of sandals or some flats will be just perfect.

Don’t eat at a restaurant in the touristic areas. That can be a real trap because the food is average and the prices are higher. Try instead a restaurant of a good hotel.

Don’t expect to find good prices for shopping. In Capri you will find mainly top brand shops and this is why the prices are accordingly.

Rent a boat for a tour of the island. It can be very relaxing, especially if you are with your loved one, and you can make a stop for swimming or for visiting Grotta Azzurra without waiting too much.

Wear light colors clothes and sun hat. Being on an island means a lot of sun and to be comfortable with the weather I suggest you to wear always sunglasses and sun hat.

Get the Monte Solaro chairlift. First because you will have a very pleasant 13 minutes trip and second because that is the highest point on the island so you will have the best panoramic view.

Check if Grotta Azzurra is open before going to visit. You can check at your hotel’s receptions or online on Capri dedicated website.

Calm Voyage recommendation
High-class 5* hotel La Scalinatella Hotel has everything you need from a stunning view to fabulous food.
Stuning view and fabulous food
Terazza Brunella An restaurant with a stunning view and fabulous food.
Stuning view and fabulous food
Ravioli capresi Ravioli, filled with caciotta and Parmesan cheese and marjoram, is the Island of Capri's signature dish. Prepared in all of the kitchens of Capri, according to age-old recipes handed down from generation to generation. Much loved by both adults and children, the ravioli is served with a fresh tomato sauce or tossed in melted butter and sage. When fried, they provide a delicious starter.
Ravioli capresi